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National Kidney and Transplant Institute

Hospital Description

National Kidney and Transplant Institute
2nd floor, Annex I, East Avenue, Diliman

Telephone: 9243601 loc 2137

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Residency Opening

The National Kidney and Transplant Institute Department of Urology is now accepting new applicants to its residency and fellowship programs. Open slots are available for the following:

  1.  Urology Residency Straight program - 2 slots (2 years pre-urology training and 4 years urology proper training) for those without any general surgery training
  2.  Urology Residency program - 2 slots (4 years urology proper training) - for those with 2 years of accredited general surgery training
    1.  Uro-Oncology Fellowship program - 1 slot (2 year fellowship program

For more details visit : www.puanet.org/nkti

Contact details : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
981-0300 local 2137


For GS-Uro Straight Program

  1. Resume
  2. Application and Personal statement completed and signed/ letter of intent addressed to: Enrico P. Ragaza,MD Chairman, Department of Surgery
  3. National Kidney and Transplant Institute
  4. Original Dean’s Letter
  5. Original Copy of Medical School Transcript
  6. Verification of graduation from Medical School
  7. PRC Certified true copy with board ratings
  8. Photocopy of valid PRC card
  9. 3 letters of reference from physicians familiar with the individual’s performance

For Urology Residency Training Program

  1. Resume
  2. Certificate of completion of at least 2 years of GS training in a Philippine Board of Surgery training program
  3. 2 years in service exam result
  4. PRC board rating
  5. Photocopy of PRC card
  6. Photocopy of Medical School diploma
  7. Certified true copy of patient’s Medical School transcript of records
  8. At least 2 letters of recommendation from a urologist or a former supervisor or an MD in the future area of practice
  9. Accomplished application form and two 2 x 2 pictures
  10. Letter of Intent addressed to Emmanuel V. Lenon, MD,FPUA, Chairman ,Department of Urology


Consultant Staff

Dr. Emmanuel V. Lenon

Dr. Genlinus M. Yusi
Vice Chairman

Dr. Carlos Ramon N. Torres
Training Officer

Dr. Jose Vicente Prodigalidad
Finance Officer

Dr. Nelson Patron
Operating Room Manager

Section Chiefs:
Dr. Genlinus M. Yusi
General Urology

Dr. Dennis P. Serrano
Transplant Urology

Dr. Rudolfo I. De Guzman
Urologic Oncology

Dr. Carlos Ramon N. Torres, Jr.
Pediatric Urology

Dr. Jesus Benjamin Mendoza and Dr. Jose Benito Abraham

Dr. Jose Vicente Prodigalidad and Dr. Ernesto Gerial Jr.
Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. Monette Bragais

Dr. Luis Florencio
Female Urology and Urodynamics


Rivera, Eduardo Ll
Patron, Nelson A
Macaya, Bibly L. 
Morales, Marcelino L
Ferraren, Roy E.
1990 Tenazas, Enrique C
Maclang Glen R. 
Songco, Jaime SD
Jacinto, Rafael
Lenon, Emmanuel 
Florencio, Luis Jr. N
Verceles, Ellen C
Lim, Elvin O
Belisario, Manuel S.
Tingson, Pedro F
Bartolome, Candido Eduardo F. III
Sy, Freddie Y
Palanca, Lucio Giovanni M
Agustin, Francisco T
Hipolito, Manuel David C. 
Sorongon, Herman L.
Cabahug, Ernesto O
Perez, Francisco Silvetre S. 
Yusi, Genlinus D
Marrero, Andres S
Abraham, Jose Benito A. 
Sebastian, Emmanuel B.
Griño, Anthony Dexter G. 
Nazareth, Stephen M
Lao, Jonathan Gil C. 
Saulog, Rolando Guillermo O
Ferrer, Joseph Anthony A. 
Gerial, Ernesto Jr. L. 
Sancho, Raul N.
2002 Buac, Pavio L. 
Lacar, Nazerton E. 
Fuentes, Paquito S.
Rivera, Alejandro Emmanuel Y 
Bragais, Frances Monette O.
Mata, John M. 
Baguilat, Michael Douglas B.
Jubilado, Jeff Peter J
De Guzman, Rudolfo I. 
Espino, Victor D. 
Firmalo, Francisco F
Latayan, Michael Jonathan
Zialcita, Hermenegilso B
Castro, Arturo P.
Mesias, Cecero V
Agcaoili, Sigrid M.
2010 Bautista, Macwain M.
Lasala, Apolonio Q. 
Galuba, Darwin Henry V.
2012 Bagadiong, Adolph Stephen A.

Services Offered

Diagnostic Services

  • Urodynamic Studies 
  • Advanced Immunological and Molecular Biological Studies 
  • Studies such as Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization (FISH) for the diagnosis of cytology and surgical specimens. 
  • Diagnostic Catheter Angiography (for Renal Vascular Disease) 
  • Transrectal Ultrasound of the Prostate (TRUS) with or without Biopsies Radionuclide Imaging Studies such as bone, renal, adrenal, and testicular scans Color Doppler Imaging for vascular involvement of renal tumors or vascular defects 
  • Spiral CT (Computed Tomographic) Scans with 3D reconstruction 
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) with or without contrast


  • Trans-urethral Endourological Procedures including Ureteroscopies with EMI lithotripsy, ultrasonic lithotripsy, or pneumatic lithotripsy.
  • Percutaneous procedures under Ultrasonic or Flouroscopic Guidance in the kidney or other organs like Percutaneous Nephrolithotomies or Nephrostomies, renal biopsies or percutaneous renal cyst aspirations. Miniperc.
  • Special ancilliary surgical equipment such as ultrasonic dissector, argon beam coagulation, operating microscopes for microsurgery.
  • Laparoscopic Urology: Nephrectomy, Pyeloplasty, Ureterolithotomy, Prostatectomy, Adrenalectomy
  • Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)
  • High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) using the EDAP Ablatherm for prostatic CA
  • Cadaver and Living-Related Kidney Transplantation
  • Interventional Catheter Angiography (for minimally-invasive treatment of renal vascular diseases, such as stenting of renal artery stenosis, selective renal arterial embolization, etc.

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