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University of the East RMMMC

Hospital Description


Department of Surgery
Section of Urology
64 Aurora Boulevard
Barangay Dona Imelda
Quezon City

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Residency Opening

The UERMMMC Urology training program was started in 1973 by Dr. Abelardo M. Prodigalidad Sr. For years now, the program has produced outstanding Urologists in the field as well as in research. To this date, the UERMMMC Section of Urology continues to adhere to its Vision and Mission,

A premier training institution dedicated to excellence in urologic education, research and patient care.
  • Provide quality education to medical students and residents
  • Produce highly competent and ethical urologists with qualities of leadership
  • Publish world-class research
  • Render optimum patient care

Requirements for Application

  1. (3 Copies Each)
    1. - Curriculum Vitae ( to include summary of work expirience)
    2. -  Transcript of Records
    3. - Class Rank
    4. - Dean’s Letter of Recommendation
    5. -  Diploma
    6. - Certificate of Internship
    7. - Board Rating 
  2. Letter of recommendation addressed to:
    1. Chairman, Department of Surgery, UERMMMCI
    2. Chief, Section of  Urology, UERMMMCI
  3. 2x2 Picture (4pcs. )
  4. NBI Clearance
  5. Police Clearance
  6. SSS E-1 Form

  Schedule for Residency Application: September of Each Year.

Consultant Staff

Dr. Paul Anthony L. Sunga, MD
Chief, Section of Urology

Dr. Cesar Alfred C. Alaban, MD 
Residency Training Officer

Dr. Antonio L. Anastacio, MD
Dr. Samuel Vincent G. Yrastorza, MD

Visiting Consultants: 
Dr. Jose Benito A. Abraham, MD
Dr. Pacifico M. Garcia,Jr., MD


1983 Jose Albert C. Reyes III M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS FPSUO 
1984 Michael Y. Leh M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS 
1985 Antonio L. Anastacio M.D. DPBUFPUAFPCS MEM 
1987 Cesar D. Jacinto Jr. M.D. DPBU 
1989 Ramon R. Marin M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS 
1991 Julius C. Cajucom M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS 
1993 Rommel Aquino M.D. DPBU 
1995 Romeo B. Reyes M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS 
1997 Paul Anthony L. Sunga M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS FPALES FPSUO 
1999 Norman V. Valera M.D 
2002 Marc Juvic S. Baviera MD DPBU FPUA FPCS 
2004 Cesar Alfred C. Alaban MD FPUA FPSUO 
2006 Julian Salvador A. Vinco MD DPBU FPUA FPCS 
2008 Marjohn M. Morano MD DPBU FPUA FPCS

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