Urinary Bladder Exstrophy in a 21-year Old Female

Urinary Bladder Exstrophy in a 21-year Old Female
Title:Urinary Bladder Exstrophy in a 21-year Old Female
Rommel B. Vallejos, MD

Section of Urology, Department of Surgery, Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

A case of a 21-year-old female admitted for a hypogastric mass and inability to control her urinationsince childhood. Physical examination revealed an 8 x 7 cm reddish mass at the hypogastric areawith intermittent jet of urine coming out from the inferolateral aspects of the mass. Diagnosis wasurinary bladder exstrophy. Intravenous pyelography showed an outpouching mass at the anterioraspect of the pelvis with widening of the symphysis pubis and excretion of contrast medium intoboth upper urinary tracts but non-filling of contrast medium within the urinary bladder consistentwith bladder exstrophy. Cystectomy performed with urinary diversion using the Mainz pouchwith an appendiceal stoma and coverage of the abdominal defect with tensor fascia latamyocutaneous flap and rectus femoris muscle flap. On follow-up, patient was continent p

Key words: urinary bladder exstrophy, cystectomy, Mainz pouch, continent

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