PUA President's Midyear Report

PUA President's Midyear Report
Dear PUA Colleagues,

Your President in close coordination with the Executive Council and different Committees is glad to report what have been accomplished so far:

A.Governance and Organization:

1. During the first few days of 2012, we organized ourselves into several clusters of committees and the different members of the EC were assigned and tasked to monitor and supervise a particular cluster with the primary aim of providing focus on specific activities.


2. PUA has already have an official audiovisual Hymn detailing our history conceptualized and developed by Dr. Randy Pahutan which will be presented during our every official PUA functions.

3. We have been making our rounds and holding consultative meetings with the various regional groups (Southern Luzon Urology Group headed by Dr. Rolly Tiopianco, Central Luzon Urology Group headed by Dr. Tony Guzman, Mindanao Chapter headed by Chapter Prez Greg Cordovez and Central and Eastern Visayas Chapter headed by Dr. Boni Cabahug). Concerns gathered regarding medico legal assistance have been addressed by hiring a legal counsel and creation of a special committee composed of elders who can provide advice on how to face and handle a medico legal case. Issues regarding health assistance and financial benefits were raised and have already been reviewed and amended to address the needs of the members.  Their was an observation that there seems to be a gradual loss of respect of the elders and EC has answered this by making a resolution that during every opening of the Annual Convention, all members must renew their Oath of Membership. There was also a clamor to continue conducting surgical skill acquisition and updates and not only to limit to laparoscopic skill but also to expand to other emerging fields such as in the denervation treatment of hypertension which maybe adopted in the realm of urology. The Central Luzon Urology Group, Southern Luzon Urology and Western Visayas Urology Group have been found to be ripe for chapter formation and have been encouraged to do so to serve as implementing arms for our advocacies and strengthen our association.

4. We are looking at the future and exploring possible amendments in our constitution and by-laws and electoral processes. A new position of President Elect wherein the president is elected a year in advance to give the former more time to prepare for his incumbency and continuity of programs is being introduced. We are toying with the idea of electronic election so that all members who are in good standing can cast his/her vote without necessarily be physically present. And this may require radical changes to our electoral processes which we have to ratify during our Annual Convention. All these are inputs from a workshop conducted by the Adhoc Committee on Election Code Amendments chaired by Dr. Nonoy Panganiban.

5. A Workshop on Administrative Manual chaired by Dr. Omar Cortes was convened to gather inputs and suggestions on how to have an efficient governance and have continued relevance of our organization. During the review of our constitution and by-laws, significant amendments were noted and introduced which will require ratification during the Annual Convention.

6. A tripartite meeting with the PUA Foundation and Philippine Board of Urology was held to define the specific mandates and roles of the three pillars of urology. It was resolved that PUA will always support the others, however, as regards extending financial assistance to PBU, the former is constrained to do so since this role is never stated in its constitution and by-laws and may be questioned by the general membership.

7. The EC is continuously looking for a place in Quezon City where we can have our permanent office and at the same time serve as a business opportunity. However, based on our negotiations with several lot owners, our finances at the moment constrained us from pursuing this project.

B. Membership and Professional Development:

1. We had a very successful 2012 Midyear Convention in Cagayan de Oro last April ably organized by the Mindanao Chapter and the next Midyear in 2013 will be hosted by the Central Luzon Urology Group. The EC decided to choose Central Luzon as the next venue over Ilocandia because the former is found deemed to attract optimum membership and pharmaceutical participation, provide safe travel to our families, lower convention cost among others.

2. The first Bimonthly Scientific Meeting on Prostate Cancer chaired by Dr. Mon Marin was held last month with Dr. Jose Benito A. Abraham as speaker. In coordination with the Scientific Committee chaired by Dr. Joel Aldana, incoming lectures in the next few months have already been lined up. Aside from the initiatives of the national organization, the Mindanao Chapter had also conducted their 8th Urology Postgraduate Course for the general practitioners in Kidapawan City, Cotabato.

3. The Adhoc Committee on Skill Acquisition and Updates chaired by Dr. Eric Mendiola had already conducted Workshop and Mentorship on Laparoscopic Surgery with the Mindanao Chapter in Cagayan de Oro City and with the Central and Eastern Visayas Chapter in Cebu City. A faculty of experts has been created whose members are very willing to offer skill mentorship and assistance upon request.

4. A Review Class organized by its Chair Dr. Norwin T. Uy to help our PUA Associate Members hurdle the PBU Qualifying Written Exam was conducted. However, it was noticed that there were more residents than our PUA colleagues who availed of this opportunity, hence the need to reevaluate our goal and program.

5. The Committee on Publication and Website chaired by Dr. Sam Yrastorza has been trying to improve our website, so everyone is enjoined to access and patronize it so that their energy and effort will not be for naught.

6. The Membership Committee chaired by Dr. Mike Gaston will soon release our official PUA ID with our identification number based on the year we became PUA members.

7. The Scholarship chair by Dr. Ronan Cuaresma with the assistance of Dr. Edgar Lim was able to successfully renewed the grant given by Dr. Ananias Diokno.

8. The Adhoc Committee on Clinical Practice Guidelines chaired by Dr. mon Torres is in the process of formulating a Consensus Guidelines on LUTS which will be presented also in a Joint PUA-Taiwan Urological Association Meeting this August. The PSUO thru its secretary, Dr. Jimmy Songco has likewise been requested to help in the formulation of practice guidelines on Prostate Cancer.

9. In September, we will celebrate our 55th PUA Anniversary supervised by Dr. Koko Agustin and one of the highlights will be the awarding of members who have brought prestige and honor to our association. Everyone is thus encouraged to submit  recommendations based on the criteria developed by the Awards Committee chaired by Dr. Paul Sunga.

10. The PUA thru Dr. Paul Sunga has been assisting the various Urological Alumni Associations in disseminating information regarding their activities to encourage the PUA general membership to attend. The EC has acknowledged the important role of these alumni groups in augmenting the PUA's programs in providing our members a venue for continued professional growth.

C. Social Responsibility and Advocacies:

1. One of our significant advocacies is the Annual PaDRE Day which we celebrated nationwide this June in conjunction with Father's Day. Chair Dr. Luis Florencio with the assistance of Dr. Dennis Serrano introduced some initiatives in the DRE form to make it useful for future research purposes since the previous form could not provide reliable epidemiological data because of some basic design flaws.

2. The Outreach Committee chaired by Dr. Aris Roque has been very busy addressing our social responsibility and has already conducted surgical missions in conjunction with scientific lectures to Non-urologist colleagues in Daet, Camarines Sur and Lucena City with an average of 22 to 25 surgical cases per outreach.  The next surgical mission will be in Surigao on Aug. 31 to Sept. 1 and those interested are encouraged to join and help the team by informing the Secretariat beforehand.

3. Kudos to the Mindanao Chapter for taking the initiative in alleviating the sufferings of the Sendong Flood victims in Northern Mindanao by conducting relief operations and donating comfort rooms and bathrooms in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan.  Thanks to the various donors in helping realize this noble endeavor.

4. PUA has been collaborating with other NGOs such as REDCOP in the prevention of renal diseases. Dr. Bong Tagle has been tasked and is involved in exploring the possibility of making a Philippine Renal Disease Registry with REDCOP.

D. External Affairs and International Collaboration:

1. PUA has submitted to PHIC thru the effort of Adhoc Committee on PHIC Concerns Chair Dr. Rico Madlangbayan a list of estimated expenses for urological cases which maybe used as basis for case rate packages in the near future. There is also a move by PHIC and PCS to categorize all surgeons into generalists (with some degree of surgical training), board eligibles (can take diplomats exams), specialists (board certified) and sub-specialists (board certified) with the purpose of PHIC compensation allotment.

2. Your president represented PUA in the last 2nd Asia Pacific Prostate Society Congress in Seoul, South Korea by delivering a congratulatory message. Dr. Dennis Serrano likewise made PUA proud by being invited as a speaker. During this coming Urological Associations of Asia Congress this August, your president will likewise represent PUA in its General Council Meeting; presidents of national urological associations in Asia being considered as National Council Member.

3. During the last AUA Convention, your president and Dr. Ronnie Ursua represented PUA in the AUA International Reception where the presidents of the different national urological associations gathered and exchanged pleasantries.

4. The PUA has recommended Dr. Aladin Plaza of UP-PGH and Dr. Karl Marvin Tan of EAMC to attend the Urological Resident's Course in Singapore.

5. PUA EC has endorsed the Philippine Endourological Society headed by Dr. Joel Aldana to bid for the hosting of the World Congress of Endourology in 2014. Also thru the effort of Dr. JV Prodigalidad, Chair of Adhoc Committee on International Convention, the Philippines has been included in the short list which can bid this September in Istanbul, Turkey.








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