Link Between Circulating Blood Factor And A Leading Cause Of Kidney Failure

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Study co-authors include Changli Wei, MD, PhD, Howard Trachtman, MD, Jing Li, Chuanhui Dong, PhD, Aaron L. Friedman, MD, Debbie S. Gipson, MD, Frederick Kaskel, MD, PhD, Dagmar-C. Fischer, MD, Jennifer J. Gassman, PhD, June L. McMahan, MD, Milena Radeva, Karsten M. Heil, MD, Agnes Trautmann, MD, Ali Anarat, MD, Sevinc Emre, MD, Gian M. Ghiggeri, MD, PhD, Fatih Ozaltin, MD, Dieter Haffner, MD, and Franz Schaefer, MD.

Disclosures: Changli Wei and Jochen Reiser have issued and/or pending patents on the mechanisms and therapeutics for proteinuric renal diseases. They stand to gain royalties from their future commercialization.

The article, entitled "Circulating suPAR in Two Cohorts of Primary FSGS," will appear online at on November 8, 2012, doi: 10.1681/2012030302.

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