RAPN Found Safe for Larger Renal Tumors

RAPN is a possible alternative to open nephrectomy for treating patients with renal tumors larger than 4 cm, researchers say....

Sneak Peek At Early Course Of Bladder Infection Caused By Widespread, Understudied Parasite

email icon Using standard tools of the molecular-biology trade and a new, much-improved animal model of a prevalent but poorly understood tropical parasitic disease called urogenital schistosomiasis, Stanford...

Study Of Steroid And CNI Immunosuppression Withdrawal Post-Transplant

email icon The University of Cincinnati will lead a $5.2 million national trial studying removal of both corticosteroids and common immunosuppression treatments from the post-transplant drug regimen for kidney...

Thyroid Cancer Drug Gets FDA OK

(MedPage Today) -- SILVER SPRING, Md. -- The FDA has approved cabozantinib (Cometriq) for metastatic medullary thyroid cancer, even though the drug did not prolong overall survival in clinical trials....

Undescended Testes May Raise Cancer Risk (CME/CE)

Undescended Testes May Raise Cancer Risk (CME/CE) (MedPage Today) -- Boys whose testes have not descended have three times the risk for the later development of testicular cancer, a meta-analysis suggested....

Undescended Testicles At Birth Raises Testicular Cancer Risk

email icon Males with a condition known as cryptorchidism, when their testes have not descended at birth, are three times more likely to develop testicular cancer later on in life as adults, according to a...

Grapefruit-Drug Interaction Seen More Often (CME/CE)

Grapefruit-Drug Interaction Seen More Often (CME/CE) (MedPage Today) -- The number of drugs that react adversely with grapefruit is higher than previously recognized, and the interactions occur at lower levels of grapefruit intake, according to a...

Low Neutrophil Count May Predict Prostate Cancer

Researchers urge prostate biopsies for men with a low neutrophil count and increased serum PSA level....

Kidney Tumors May Be Smarter Than We Thought

email icon New research has found there are several different ways that kidney tumours can achieve the same result - namely, grow. Scientists have been trying to figure out how different people have kidney...

Muscle Building May Help Teens Avoid Early Death (CME/CE)

Muscle Building May Help Teens Avoid Early Death (CME/CE) (MedPage Today) -- Adolescents with high muscular strength had a lower risk of a premature death by age 55 or younger, researchers found....

BPH Drug May Delay Prostate Cancer Progression

Taking dutasteride for two years cut risk of PSA doubling by 66% among prostate cancer patients with PSA relapse after radical treatment....

Stent May Work if Viagra Doesn't (CME/CE)

Stent May Work if Viagra Doesn't (CME/CE) (MedPage Today) -- Stenting a pelvic artery may be a treatment option for erectile dysfunction in men who don't respond to drugs such as sildenafil (Viagra), researchers reported....

Curative Therapy Underused for Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer

Elderly, blacks, and uninsured less likely to receive aggressive treatment....

Predicting Risk Of Chronic Kidney Disease Requires More Work On Models

email icon Models used for predicting the likelihood of individuals developing chronic kidney disease and for predicting disease progression in people who already have the condition are useful tools but not...

Clinical Problems Tied To Antiphospholipid Antibodies May Be Improved By Rituximab

email icon Rituximab, a drug used to treat cancer and arthritis, may help patients with antiphospholipid antibodies (aPLs) who suffer from aPL-related clinical problems that do not respond to anticoagulation,...

Prostate Ablation Rarely Misses High-Grade PCa in Men with Low PSA

In a study, laser vaporization missed only 163 clinically significant prostate tumors in more than 60,000 procedures....

Scientists Target Enzyme In Bid To Tackle Chronic Kidney Disease

email icon New research which aims to tackle chronic kidney disease is underway at Nottingham Trent University. Scientists are investigating the enzyme Transglutaminase-2 (TG2) - known to be responsible for...

Association Between A Decrease In Kidney Function And Cognitive Functioning

email icon Decreased kidney function is associated with decreased cognitive functioning in areas such as global cognitive ability, abstract reasoning and verbal memory, according to a study led by Temple...

Hormone No Help for ED Drug Response (CME/CE)

Hormone No Help for ED Drug Response (CME/CE) (MedPage Today) -- Testosterone therapy didn't make erectile dysfunction drugs more effective for men with low hormone levels, a randomized trial showed....

PCA for Renal Tumors Safe, Effective for High-Risk Patients

Percutaneous cryoablation is associated with an 87% treatment success rate and 9% complication rate in elderly patients with significant comorbidities....

Many Kids Born With Kidney Defects Have Mutations Known To Cause Neurodevelopmental Delay Or Mental Illness

email icon About 10 percent of kids born with kidney defects have large alterations in their genomes known to be linked with neurodevelopmental delay and mental illness, a new study by Columbia University...

Transplant Recipients At Increased Risk When Low Levels Of Donor-Specific Antibodies Present

email icon Findings could help provide better donor-recipient matches and tailor recipients' treatments after kidney transplantation Highlights The detection of preformed donor-specific antibodies by...

Bisphosphonates Added to RCC Therapy May Improve Outcomes

Concomitant use of oral TKIs with bisphosphonates appear to be associated with improved outcomes in patients with RCC and bone involvement....

Genetic Link Found In Children With Kidney Defects And Neurodevelopmental Disorders

email icon Mutations present in children born with kidney defects are known to cause neurodevelopmental delay or mental illness, according to new research appearing in the American Journal of Human Genetics....

What impact has the USPSTF recommendations to not screen for prostate cancer had on your practice?

In May, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force issued a document that recommended against routine PSA screening for PCa....

MRI Improves Active Surveillance Decision-Making for PCa

Adding endorectal MRI to clinical evaluation of men with clinically low-risk prostate cancer may improve the ability for active surveillance....

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Calcium for ADT Bone Loss May Worsen PCa: An Interview with Gary G. Schwartz, PhD, MPH

Considering that bone loss is a known side effect of ADT for men with PCa, it might seem logical that calcium and vitamin D supplementation would help manage this consequence....

Hospital Research Shows Success Improving Catheter Disinfection, Lowering Cost Of Patient Care

email icon AVA Conference Presentations Highlight Nurses' Patient Safety Efforts Use of a simple disinfection cap can strengthen hospitals' patient safety efforts, improve disinfection of IV catheters and...

Job Stress a Major Factor in High Rates of Physician Suicide

Job stress, coupled with inadequate treatment for mental illness, may account for the higher than average rate of suicide among US physicians, new research suggests....

New study examines how health affects happiness

A new study found that the degree to which a disease disrupts daily functioning is associated with reduced happiness....New study examines how health affects happiness

Awareness could eliminate inequalities in cancer diagnoses

There are substantial inequalities in the stage at which cancer patients receive their diagnosis -- a critical factor for cancer survival -- a new study reveals. The researchers found that age, sex...

Awareness could eliminate inequalities in cancer diagnoses

There are substantial inequalities in the stage at which cancer patients receive their diagnosis -- a critical factor for cancer survival -- a new study reveals. The researchers found that age, sex...

Minor Added Benefit For Certain Patients Offered By Belatacept After A Kidney Transplant

email icon Belatacept (trade name Nulojix®) has been approved since June 2011 to prevent a rejection reaction of the body to the donor organ (transplant) in adults who have received a kidney transplant. The...

Common Causes Of Genital Injuries

email icon A comprehensive survey of genital injuries over the last decade involving mishaps with consumer products like clothing, furniture, tools and toys that brought U.S. adults to emergency rooms reveals...

Black Patients With Kidney Cancer Have Poorer Survival Than Whites

email icon Among patients with the most common form of kidney cancer, whites consistently have a survival advantage over blacks, regardless of patient and tumor characteristics or surgical treatment. That is...

AHA: HF Tied to Higher Risk for Fatal Cancer

AHA: HF Tied to Higher Risk for Fatal Cancer LOS ANGELES (MedPage Today) -- Patients who developed heart failure had a 68% increased risk of cancer, which was associated with a 56% increased risk of death, researchers reported here....

New Program Offers Help To Nephrologists For When They Need To Discuss Difficult News With Patients

email icon Kidney specialists, or nephrologists, care for a medically complex population and frequently must discuss serious news with patients: giving a diagnosis of kidney disease, explaining the risks and...

Link Between Circulating Blood Factor And A Leading Cause Of Kidney Failure

Yearly, about 5,000 individuals in the U.S. are diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. Patients with a disease that is a leading cause of kidney failure tend to have high levels of a...

FDA Panel Wary on Making Bladder Control Drug OTC

WASHINGTON (MedPage Today) -- An FDA advisory panel on Friday voted against recommending making oxybutynin transdermal patch (Oxytrol) available over-the-counter for overactive bladder in women....

Detecting High-Grade PCa Improved with Ultrasound

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound can detect almost three times as many higher-grade prostate cancers using half a many needle biopsies....

DNA Predicts Risk of Post-Radiotherapy ED

Dutch and American researchers have identified 12 DNA sequences that may help physicians determine which men will suffer from ED....

MRI May Help Select PCa Patients for Active Surveillance

Endorectal MRI added to the initial clinical evaluation of patients with clinically low-risk PCa helps predict findings on confirmatory biopsy and evaluate eligibility for active surveillance,...

Connection Between Popular Pain Relievers, Bladder Cancer

email icon Dartmouth researchers have found that duration of ibuprofen use was associated with a reduced risk of bladder cancer in patients in northern New England, which has a high mortality rate of this...

Urologic Procedures Uncommon in End-Stage PCa Patients

Only 19% undergo nephrostomy tube and Foley catheter placement and other urologic interventions during the last three years of life....

Ideal Adjuvant Radiation Candidates Identified

Improved cancer-specific survival observed in patients with two of the following: Gleason score of 8 or higher, clinical stage pT3/pT4 disease, and positive lymph nodes....

Antiandrogen Therapy May Thwart Bladder Cancer

A protein that confers a worse prognosis in bladder cancer when present in high levels may be regulated by androgens, suggesting a role for antiandrogen agents in the treatment of this disease....

Targeted Cancer Drug May Stunt Heart's Ability To Repair Itself

email icon Scientists for the first time have evidence showing how a widely used type of "targeted" cancer drug can be dangerous to the heart......

Statins Linked to Lower Cancer Mortality (CME/CE)

Statins Linked to Lower Cancer Mortality (CME/CE) (MedPage Today) -- Statin use is associated with a lower risk of dying from cancer for people who used the cholesterol-lowering drugs before their cancer diagnosis, researchers reported....

Popular pain relievers may reduce risk of bladder cancer

Researchers have found that duration of ibuprofen use was associated with a reduced risk of bladder cancer in patients in northern New England, which has a high mortality rate of this disease....Popular pain relievers may reduce risk of bladder cancer

PET Imaging Agent Detects Recurrent PCa

The FDA has approved the production and use of Choline C 11 Injection, a PET imaging agent used to help detect recurrent PCa....

Growth Of Cystic Kidney Halted

email icon Autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is one of the most common genetic disorders, affecting one in every 1,000 people and responsible for up to ten percent of patients on dialysis...

Testicular Cancer, Pot Smoking Linked

Those who had ever smoked marijuana were almost twice as likely as non-users of marijuana to develop the disease....

Studies Investigate Health Concerns Related To Kidney Donation And Racial Disparities Faced By Children Needing Transplants

email icon Three studies presented during the American Society of Nephrology's Annual Kidney Week provide new information related to kidney transplantation - specifically, the post-transplant health of kidney...

Drug Doesn't Significantly Lower Risk Of Major Heart Problems In Dialysis Patients

email icon In one of the largest and longest trials involving patients with kidney failure, a study led by an international team of researchers found that cinacalcet - a drug commonly prescribed to patients...

Studies Investigate The Potential Of Several Drugs For The Treatment Of Patients With Diabetes Or Kidney Disease

Three late-breaking studies presented during the American Society of Nephrology's Annual Kidney Week provide new information on drugs being tested in patients with diabetes or kidney disease......

Promising Treatment Identified For Inherited Form Of Kidney Disease

email icon A drug therapy shows promise for treating an inherited form of kidney disease called autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), Mayo Clinic researchers say. The medication, tolvaptan,...

How underground rodent wards off cancer: Second mole rat species has different mechanism for resisting cancer

Biologists have determined how blind mole rats fight off cancer -- and the mechanism differs from what they discovered three years ago in another long-lived and cancer-resistant mole rat species, the...

Stirred not mixed: How seawater turbulence affects marine food webs

New research shows that ocean turbulence directly affects the ability of microscopic marine organisms to recycle organic material back into the food web....

Indian monsoon failure more frequent with global warming, research suggests

Global warming could cause frequent and severe failures of the Indian summer monsoon in the next two centuries, new research suggests....

The PUA Map

This is an interactive map showing the location of the urologists who are members of the Philippine Urological Association. You can zoom in and click to view clinic schedules.

Botox Measures Up as Treatment for Urgency Incontinence

Botox injections to the bladder may be as effective as anticholinergics for treating urinary urgency incontinence in women....

Studies Investigate Aspects Of Nutrition And Blood Pressure Control In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

email icon Three studies presented during the American Society of Nephrology's Annual Kidney Week provide new information on diet and blood pressure in kidney disease patients. Nimrit Goraya, MD (Texas A&M...

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Requirements for Membership - Associate Membership

  1. Must be a graduate of an Accredited Urology Training Program.
  2. A formal letter of intent addressed to the chairman of the membership and credentials committee, MICHAEL JOHN FRANCIS V. GASTON, MD, FPUA
  3. A duly accomplished application form and updated CV.
  4. A Certified true copy of fellowship training abroad if applicable.
  5. A Certified true copy of Medical School Diploma verified from original source.
  6. A Certified true copy of Philippine Medical Board Certificate verified from original source
  7. A Certified true copy of certificate of Residency training in Urology verified from original source
  8. A Certified true copy of certificate of membership in good standing in the Philippine Medical Association
  9. A photocopy of applicants current PRC license verified from original source
  10. A ponsorship Letter from your Chairman and Training Officer addressed to the chairman of the membership and credentials committee, MICHAEL JOHN FRANCIS V. GASTON, MD, FPUA
  11. Three (3) pcs 2x2 formal picture (white background)
  12. Payment of application fee (P 4,500.00)
Induction Fee      Php 1,000.00
Membership Fee           400.00
Assessment Fee           500.00
Journal Fee                  300.00
Application Fee             300.00
PUA Barong               1,000.00
PUA Yearbook           1,000.00
                               Total 4,500.00

Requirements for Associate Membership

  1. Must be a graduate of an Accredited Urology Training Program.
  2. A formal letter of intent addressed to MICHAEL JOHN FRANCIS V. GASTON, MD, FPUA, Chairman of the Membership and Credentials Committee. 
  3. A duly accomplished Application Form and updated CV.
  4. A Certified true copy of fellowship training abroad if applicable.
  5. A Certified true copy of Medical School Diploma verified from original source.
  6. A Certified true copy of Philippine Medical Board Certificate verified from original source
  7. A Certified true copy of certificate of Residency training in Urology verified from original source
  8. A Certified true copy of certificate of membership in good standing in the Philippine Medical Association
  9. A photocopy of applicants current PRC license verified from original source
  10. A sponsorship Letter from your Chairman and Training Officer addressed to MICHAEL JOHN FRANCIS V. GASTON, MD, FPUA, Chairman of the Membership and Credentials committee. 
  11. Three (3) pcs 2x2 formal picture (white background)
  12. Payment of application fee (P 4,500.00)
Induction Fee      Php 1,000.00
Membership Fee           400.00
Assessment Fee           500.00
Journal Fee                   300.00
Application Fee             300.00
PUA Barong               1,000.00
PUA Yearbook           1,000.00
                 Total Php 4,500.00

All requirements must be submitted to the:

Philippine Urological Association,Inc
3rd floor. PCS Bldg., 992 EDSA, Quezon City, 
Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES 1105

Viagra 'Rehab' Works for Prostate Cancer (CME/CE)

BOSTON (MedPage Today) -- Prostate cancer patients reported significantly better sexual function after radiation therapy when they took sildenafil daily during and after treatment, results of a...

One-Week Radiotherapy Course An Option for Localized PCa

At five year, low-, intermediate-, and high-risk patients had actuarial disease-free survival rates of 5%, 90%, and 80%, respectively....

Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

B. Rodriguez Street
Cebu City

{phocamaps view=link|id=10|text=Click To View a Map}

 (032) 2539891, (032) 2539892, (032) 2539893, (032) 2539894, (032) 2539895

E-Mail: ekingt@yahoo.com

Training Officer
Enriquez C. Tenazas, M.D., F.P.U.A

Program Description
The four-year program covers experience and graduated responsibility for the care of patients with surgical diseases of the male and female urinary tract, male genital tract, and the adrenals. The program aims to produce competent urologists for identified areas of the Philippines with no practicing urologist.


  1. Application Letter
  2. Resume
  3. Transcript of Records
  4. General Surgery Training Program Certification (2nd Year Level)


Veterans Memorial Medical Center

Veterans Memorial Medical Center
Section of Urology – Department of Surgery
North Avenue, Diliman
Quezon City

{phocamaps view=link|id=9|text=Click To View Map}

Telephone: 9200935
9276426 loc 1420



Training Program

Program Description
VMMC Section of Urology offers a straight program for urology training. This includes 2 years training of General Surgery and 4 years training of Urology proper. It accepts 1 trainee per year level. The institution caters to all WW2 veterans and AFP-Retirees.


  • DIPLOMA from College of Medicine
Schedule for Residency Application
Varies upon availability of Item from the Department of National Defense


Consultant Staff

Alfredo S. Uy. Jr., MD
Department Chair

Eli Paulino F. Madrona, MD
Rodney M. Del Rio, MD
Meliton D. Alpas, Iii, MD

Services Offered

  • Prostate Center
  • Urinary Tract Stones
  • Urologic Tumors and Malignancies
  • Male Infertility
  • Female Urology
  • Pediatric Urology
  • Urologic Trauma


1965 Bonifacio Cabahug, MD, FPUA Cebu City
1972 David Abraham, MD, FPUA Quezon City
1978 Mario L. Sales, MD Manila
1978 Benito Sunga, MD Baguio City
        Angelino Orlino, MD, FPUA Quezon City
        Oscar Escudero,Jr., MD, FPUA Davao
        Jose David, MD, FPUA USA
1983 Cesar Ira, MD Bulacan
        Robert Mil, MD Bulacan
        Cesar, Jacinto, MD, FPUA Mindanao
1985 Victor Malonzo, MD Angeles City
1986 Alfredo S. Uy,Jr., MD, FPUA Quezon City
1985 Rolando Santos, MD, FPUA USA
1987 Henry Go,MD Ozamis City
1989 Albert Mercado, MD, FPUA Pampanga
1990 Nelson Cayco, MD, FPUA Cabanatuan City
1990 Reginald Bautista, MD, FPUA Quezon City
1991 Teo, Arnold, MD, FPUA USA
1992 Francisco Ramos, MD Malabon
1992 Edwin Mendoza, MD, FPUA Batangas
1993 Giovanni Ong,Jr., MD, FPUA USA
1995 Ricardo Jalipa, MD, FPUA General Santos City
1995 Alex Santarina, MD, FPUA Cabanatuan City
1998 Johnson Zabat, MD, FPUA La Union
1998 Joseph Lee, MD, FPUA Quezon City
1999 Gavino Mercado, MD, FPUA Palawan
2002 Nathaniel Soliman,MD, FPUA Pampanga
2001 Rodney Del Rio, MD, FPUA Caloocan City
2001 Juan Estevez,Jr., MD Legaspi City
2001 Alvin Macapinlac, MD, FPUA Pampanga
2003 Eli Paulino Madrona, M.D., FPUA Romblon/Quezon City
2003 Carlo Calderon, M.D. Isabela
2004 Francis Yabut, M.D., FPUA Baguio
2004 Reginald Bautista, M.D. USA
2006 Meliton Alpas III, M.D., FPUA Metro Manila
2007 Paul B. Espina, M.D., FPUA Baguio
2008 Juan Manuel U. Tirol, M.D., DPBU Iloilo
2008 Peter Clifford S. Suller, M.D. Manila
2009 Leslie V, Rafanan, M.D. FPUA Ilocos Sur
2010 Luis Jake R. Rubio III, M.D. Ilocos Norte
2010 Michael D. Panganiban, M.D. Manila
2011 Rafael L. Lising, M.D., DPBU Pampanga
2012 Karl Marvin M. Tan, MD Metro Manila

Calendar of Activities

March 2013

Annual Urology Week
Dave's Cup Golf Invitational

University of the Philippines - Philippine General Hospital

Department Of Surgery
Philippine General Hospital
Taft Ave, Manila

{phocamaps view=link|id=8|text=Click To View a Map}

Telephone: 525-5453

E-Mail: uro_pgh@yahoo.com

Training Program

Program Description

The Urology Residency Training Program of the Philippine General Hospital consists of six years of postgraduate training, including two core years of general surgery and four years of clinical urology.  The program is designed to prepare selected physicians to evaluate, understand and manage medical and surgical aspects of genitourinary disorders. In addition to providing clinical training, it also offers research experience in urology.  The training program aims to produce excellent urologists fully trained in all aspects of modern urologic practice, thoroughly familiar with urologic research, and possessing the attributes of life-long self-directed learners and potential leaders in the field.


  1. 2 pcs 2x2 pictures (not more than 1 year)
  2. Certification of class rank and general weighted average (GWAG) from the Office of the Dean/Office of the Registrar (original or certified true copy)
  3. Xerox copy of the following:
  1. Transcript of Records
  2. M.D. Diploma
  3. Board Rating
  4. Certificate of Internship
  5. Community Tax Certificate (cedula)

Note : Applicants will be required to take a written exam and an interview. An examination fee will be levied on the applicants


Consultant Staff

Telesforo E. Gana Jr MD, FPUA, FPCS
Division Chair

Joel Patrick A. Aldana
Training Officer

Eduardo R. Gatchalian
Jose Dante P. Dator
Dennis P. Serrano
Marie Carmela M. Lapitan
Nikko J. Magsanoc
Maria Eliza Raymundo-Lesniewski
Anna Melissa Hilvano-Cabungcal

Services Offered

General Adult Urology
Pediatric Urology
Urologic Oncology
Female Urology and Incontinence
Laparoscopic Urology

Calendar of Activities

January 2013
5 General cleaning
12 Inventory of OR instruments and Books
19 Leadership Training Seminar
26 Lecture: Prostate Biopsy (Dr. Marinas)

February 2013
2 Lecture: Uro-Radiology (Dr. Roa)
9 Journal Critical Appraisal (CAT)
16 Lecture: Urodynamics (Dr. Matias)
23 Extension Services: Blood Letting Activity

March 2013
2 Lecture: Urolithiasis (Dr. Peco)
9 Urologic Emergencies (Dr. Roa)
23 Lecture: Infertility (Dr. Roa)
16 Journal Critical Appraisal (CAT)
29 Quarterly Assessment

April 2013
6 Lecture: BPH (Dr. Lascano)
13 Lecture: Prostate CA (Dr. Abalajon)
17-21 Uro Mid-Year Convention (Subic, Zambales)
27 U-RUN 2 (Quirino GrandStand)

May 2013
18 Extension Services: Blood Letting Activity

June 2013
16 National DRE Day
29 PBU In service Examination Quarterly Assessment

July 2013
6 Lecture: Renal CA (Dr. Lascano)
13 Journal Critical Appraisal (CAT)
20 Extension Services: Blood Letting Activity
27 Lecture: Bladder CA (Dr. Abalajon)

August 2013
3 Lecture: Robotics and Lasers (Dr. Matias)
10 Journal Critical Appraisal (CAT)
17 Extension Services: Blood Letting Activity
24 Journal Critical Appraisal (CAT)

September 2013
28 Extension Services: Blood Letting Activity Quarterly Assessment

October 2013
5 Research Hour
12 Research Hour
19 Journal Critical Appraisal (CAT)
26 Journal Critical Appraisal (CAT)

November 2013
2 Research Hour
9 Research Hour
16 Research Hour
23 Research Hour
30 Annual Urology Convention

December 2013
15 Uro Christmas Party
25 Chrismas Day
4th Quarter/Year-End Assessment

University of the East - Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center


Department of Surgery
Section of Urology
64 Aurora Boulevard

Barangay Dona Imelda
Quezon City

{phocamaps view=link|id=7|text=Click To View Map}

E-Mail: uermuro@gmail.com

Training Program

Program Description
The UERMMMC Urology training program was started in 1973 by Dr. Abelardo M. Prodigalidad Sr. For years now, the program has produced outstanding Urologists in the field as well as in research. To this date, the UERMMMC Section of Urology continues to adhere to its Vision and Mission,

A premier training institution dedicated to excellence in urologic education, research and patient care.
Provide quality education to medical students and residents
Produce highly competent and ethical urologists with qualities of leadership
Publish world-class research
Render optimum patient care

Requirements for Application

  1. (3 Copies Each)
    1. - Curriculum Vitae ( to include summary of work expirience)
    2. -  Transcript of Records
    3. - Class Rank
    4. - Dean’s Letter of Recommendation
    5. -  Diploma
    6. - Certificate of Internship
    7. - Board Rating 
  2. Letter of recommendation addressed to:
    1. Chairman, Department of Surgery, UERMMMCI
    2. Chief, Section of  Urology, UERMMMCI
  3. 2x2 Picture (4pcs. )
  4. NBI Clearance
  5. Police Clearance
  6. SSS E-1 Form

  Schedule for Residency Application: September of Each Year.

Consultant Staff

Dr. Paul Anthony L. Sunga, MD
Chief, Section of Urology

Dr. Cesar Alfred C. Alaban, MD
Residency Training Officer

Dr. Antonio L. Anastacio, MD
Dr. Samuel Vincent G. Yrastorza, MD

Visiting Consultants:
Dr. Jose Benito A. Abraham, MD
Dr. Pacifico M. Garcia,Jr., MD


1983 Jose Albert C. Reyes III M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS FPSUO
1984 Michael Y. Leh M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS
1985 Antonio L. Anastacio M.D. DPBUFPUAFPCS MEM
1987 Cesar D. Jacinto Jr. M.D. DPBU
1989 Ramon R. Marin M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS
1991 Julius C. Cajucom M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS
1993 Rommel Aquino M.D. DPBU
1995 Romeo B. Reyes M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS
1997 Paul Anthony L. Sunga M.D. DPBU FPUA FPCS FPALES FPSUO
1999 Norman V. Valera M.D
2002 Marc Juvic S. Baviera MD DPBU FPUA FPCS
2004 Cesar Alfred C. Alaban MD FPUA FPSUO
2006 Julian Salvador A. Vinco MD DPBU FPUA FPCS
2008 Marjohn M. Morano MD DPBU FPUA FPCS

Calendar of Events

April 2013
Section of Urology Strategic Planning Workshop
Industry Meeting
Venue: Surgery Function Room, 3rd Floor Charity Bldg. UERMMMCI 29thPUA Midyear Convention
PBU Accreditation Visit
June 2013
16 Pa DRE (Annual PUA Prostate Awareness Day)
Venue: Urology Outpatient Clinic July

Research Workshop: UERMMMCI-Pfizer Investigator Training Program October

Urology Month 2013
Opening Ceremonies
Venue: UERM College of Medicine Lobby

Environmental activity / Tree Planting Project at the La Mesa Watershed

Innovations in Urology
Venue: UERMMMCI Nursing Amphitheater

4thUrology Postgraduate Course
Venue: Physiology Auditorium

Dr. Prodi Golf –USPGA Cup
Venue: Valley Golf and Country Club

DRE Lay Forum
Nursing Postgraduate Course
Physiology Auditorium, College of Medicine

November 2013

UERM Urology Alumni Association Fellowship Night

December 2013

56th PUA Annual Convention
Section of Urology Christmas Party

University of Santo Tomas

Department of Medical Education and Research
University of Sto. Tomas Hospital
Espana St., Sampaloc, Manila 1008

{phocamaps view=link|id=6|text=Click To View a Map}

Telephone: 731-3001 loc 2246

E-Mail: lee_magundayao@usthospital.com.ph

Training Program


Program Description

A six-year program with one resident per year level. The Section prefers to train applicants from areas deprived of urological services. In addition to General Urology, training in Pediatric and Female Urology, Infertility, Endo-urology, and urological research is provided. The program aims to produce and distribute competent graduates capable of providing specialized care to patients in other parts of the country. The Philippine Urological Association accredits this program.

Requirements for Applicaion

  1. Letter of Intent*
  2. Completely accomplished APPLICATION FOR - only available at DMER office
  3. Recent ID pictures (3 pcs passport size, colored on white background)
  4. Two letters of recommendation (LOR) preferably from Clerkship Director, Internship Director, Residency/Fellowship Training Officer and/or Department Chairman/Chief of Section (ALL LOR must be addressed to DMER Chairman)
  5. Certified True Copy of the following:
    1. Class ranking,
    2. Transcript of Records
    3. Medical School diploma
    4. certificate of internship
    5. PRC certificate
    6. updated PRC Licence (photocopy)
    7. Itemized PRC Board rating
    8. birth certificate or baptismal certificate
  6. Php 300.00 (processing and entrance examination fee)
  7. Entrance examination

*addressed to: 

Department of Medical Education and Research (DMER)
UST Hospital

Consultant Staff

Josefino L. Sanchez, M.D.
Department Chairman

David T. Bolong, M.D.
Chief of Section

Dennis G. Lusaya M.D.
Residency Training Officer

German Jose T. Albano, M.D.
Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction

Jason L. Letran, M.D.

Edgar U. Lim, M.D.
Neuro-Urology/Urodynamics/Female Urology

Rene S. Felipe, M.D.
Renal Transplantation

Jerry H. Santos, M.D.
Men’s Health

Aldrin Joseph R. Gamboa, M.D.
Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dennis G. Lusaya, M.D.

Carlo C. Bisnar, M.D.
Pediatric Urology

Services Offered

Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction
-Reversal of Vasectomy
- Vasoepididymostomy
-Testicular biopsy

-Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL)
-Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)
-Transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT)

-Radical prostatectomy (open prostatectomy, Laparoscopic, Robotics)
-Radical cystoprostatectomy
-Radical nephrectomy
-Adrenalectomy (Open and Laparoscopic)
Neuro-Urology/Urodynamics/Female Urology

Pediatric Urology
-Hypospadias repair
-Endoscopic Injection for Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR)
-Open surgeries for Vesicoureteral reflux
-Bladder augmentation
-Voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG)

Minimally Invasive Surgery
-Laparoscopic nephroureterectomy
-Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy
-Laparoscopic ureterolithotomy
-Laparoscopic surgery for renal cysts
-Laparoscopic pyeloplasty

Transrectal Ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy


1980 Rene S. Felipe, M.D.
1985 Jerry H. Santos, M.D.
1987 Edwin C. Co, M.D.
1986 Antonio Q. Reyes, Jr., M.D.
1987 Egidio P. Elio, M.D.
1988 David T. Bolong, M.D.
1989 German Jose T. Albano, M.D.
1991 Juliano Z. K. Panganiban, M.D.
1992 Dennis G. Lusaya, M.D.
1993 Edgar U. Lim, M.D.
1994 Edwin H. Lim, M.D.
1995 Raymundo R. Dimaculangan, M.D.
1996 Jason L. Letran, M.D.
1998 Harry G. Longno, M.D.
1997 Henry L. Geroche, M.D.
2001 Jose Rizalito C. Catipay, M.D.
2001 Rico Y. Sampang, M.D.
2002 Ma. Victoria C. Estanol, M.D.
2003 Virgilio G. Petero, M.D.
2005 Tatad Kalbit, M.D.
2006 Aldrin Joseph Gamboa, M.D.
2007 Rodrigo Hipol, III, M.D.
2008 Carlo C. Bisnar, M.D.
2008 John Kenneth Domingo,M.D.
2009 Mellmont Ocampo, M.D.
2010 Agung Nitisasamito, M.D.
2010 Luzcielo Roxas, M.D.
2011 Dony L. Santiago, M.D.
2012 Antonio Reyes, III, M.D.
2012 Roderick P. Arcinas, M.D.

St. Luke’s Medical Center

279 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd.
Cathedral Heights
Quezon City

{phocamaps view=link|id=5|text=Click To View Map}

Telephone: 7275425 (direct line), 7230101/0301 ext. 5425

E-Mail: sptc@stluke.com.ph

Training Program

Program Description

The Residency Training Program accepts one or two per year. This program provides a well- rounded clinical experience that will expose residents to all aspects of urology.

Residents are trained to become proficient in: Robotic Surgery, Endourology, Laparoscopic Urology, Neurourology, Sexual dysfunction, the Evaluation and Treatment of Incontinence, among others.


  1. Pictures 2x2 and 1x1 (2 each)
  2. Curriculum Vitae to include Schools Attended, Hobbies and Interest
  3. Transcript of Record (Certified True Copy)
  4. Letters of Recommendation from the Dean including Class Rank and Good Standing or;
  5. Certificate of Good Conduct (Good Moral Character) and
  6. Certificate of Class Ranking
  7. Letters of Recommendation from two (2) Medical Consultant from the same specialty being applied for.  Except for subjects that are not regularly offered in Medical School such as Dermatology, Nuclear Medicine, Neurosurgery, Radiation Oncology, and Urology.
  8. Medical School Diploma
  9. Certificate of Internship
  10. Board Rating Result (PRC)
  11. Certificate from Board of Medicine (PRC)
  12. Photocopy of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) License
  13. Certificate of Life Support (ACLS/BLS) Optiona

Tentative Schedule of Submission of Requirements: August- September 2013

Please bring all Original Requirements for verification. * Incomplete papers will not be processed. * Application Fee: PhP 1,000.00.  Late application will be charged.

For more inquiries, please call the Medical Education Office at telephone no. (632) 723-0101 ext. 4300

Consultant Staff



Buenaventura Jose B. Reyes, M.D.
Diosdado C. Limjoco, M.D.
Randolph Joseph A. Barba, M.D.
Saturnino L. Luna Jr., M.D.
Cristopher F. Perez, M.D.
Jun S. Dy, M.D.
Steve L. Lim, M.D.
Robert Michael T. Ozoa, M.D.
Demetrio R. Hadap, M.D.
Francis John C. Pile, M.D.
Lou Chris Allen H. Reyes, M.D.
Rico Carlo Dl. Anel, M.D.
Maria Anna Vanessa A. Geron, M.D.
Francis Raymund C. Gonzales, M.D.
Glenn T. Gatchalian, M.D.
Manuel C. See IV, M.D.
Rosito Bascuna Jr, M.D

National Kidney and Transplant Institute

National Kidney and Transplant Institute
2nd floor, Annex I, East Avenue, Diliman

{phocamaps view=link|id=4|text=Click To View Map}

Telephone: 9243601 loc 2137

E-Mail: nktideptofurology@yahoo.com

Training Program


For GS-Uro Straight Program

  1. Resume
  2. Application and Personal statement completed and signed/ letter of intent addressed to: Enrico P. Ragaza,MD Chairman, Department of Surgery
  3. National Kidney and Transplant Institute
  4. Original Dean’s Letter
  5. Original Copy of Medical School Transcript
  6. Verification of graduation from Medical School
  7. PRC Certified true copy with board ratings
  8. Photocopy of valid PRC card
  9. 3 letters of reference from physicians familiar with the individual’s performance

For Urology Residency Training Program

  1. Resume
  2. Certificate of completion of at least 2 years of GS training in a Philippine Board of Surgery training program
  3. 2 years in service exam result
  4. PRC board rating
  5. Photocopy of PRC card
  6. Photocopy of Medical School diploma
  7. Certified true copy of patient’s Medical School transcript of records
  8. At least 2 letters of recommendation from a urologist or a former supervisor or an MD in the future area of practice
  9. Accomplished application form and two 2 x 2 pictures
  10. Letter of Intent addressed to Emmanuel V. Lenon, MD,FPUA, Chairman ,Department of Urology

Applications will be accepted from January 2013 to September 1, 2013

Consultant Staff

Dr. Emmanuel V. Lenon

Dr. Genlinus M. Yusi
Vice Chairman

Dr. Carlos Ramon N. Torres
Training Officer

Dr. Jose Vicente Prodigalidad
Finance Officer

Dr. Nelson Patron
Operating Room Manager

Section Chiefs:
Dr. Genlinus M. Yusi
General Urology

Dr. Dennis P. Serrano
Transplant Urology

Dr. Rudolfo I. De Guzman
Urologic Oncology

Dr. Carlos Ramon N. Torres, Jr.
Pediatric Urology

Dr. Jesus Benjamin Mendoza and Dr. Jose Benito Abraham

Dr. Jose Vicente Prodigalidad and Dr. Ernesto Gerial Jr.
Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. Monette Bragais

Dr. Luis Florencio
Female Urology and Urodynamics

Services Offered

Diagnostic Services

  • Urodynamic Studies 
  • Advanced Immunological and Molecular Biological Studies 
  • Studies such as Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization (FISH) for the diagnosis of cytology and surgical specimens. 
  • Diagnostic Catheter Angiography (for Renal Vascular Disease) 
  • Transrectal Ultrasound of the Prostate (TRUS) with or without Biopsies Radionuclide Imaging Studies such as bone, renal, adrenal, and testicular scans Color Doppler Imaging for vascular involvement of renal tumors or vascular defects 
  • Spiral CT (Computed Tomographic) Scans with 3D reconstruction 
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) with or without contrast


  • Trans-urethral Endourological Procedures including Ureteroscopies with EMI lithotripsy, ultrasonic lithotripsy, or pneumatic lithotripsy.
  • Percutaneous procedures under Ultrasonic or Flouroscopic Guidance in the kidney or other organs like Percutaneous Nephrolithotomies or Nephrostomies, renal biopsies or percutaneous renal cyst aspirations. Miniperc.
  • Special ancilliary surgical equipment such as ultrasonic dissector, argon beam coagulation, operating microscopes for microsurgery.
  • Laparoscopic Urology: Nephrectomy, Pyeloplasty, Ureterolithotomy, Prostatectomy, Adrenalectomy
  • Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)
  • High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) using the EDAP Ablatherm for prostatic CA
  • Cadaver and Living-Related Kidney Transplantation
  • Interventional Catheter Angiography (for minimally-invasive treatment of renal vascular diseases, such as stenting of renal artery stenosis, selective renal arterial embolization, etc.


Rivera, Eduardo Ll
Patron, Nelson A

Macaya, Bibly L.
Morales, Marcelino L
Ferraren, Roy E.

Tenazas, Enrique C

Maclang Glen R.
Songco, Jaime SD
Jacinto, Rafael

Lenon, Emmanuel
Florencio, Luis Jr. N
Verceles, Ellen C

Lim, Elvin O
Belisario, Manuel S.
Tingson, Pedro F
Bartolome, Candido Eduardo F. III

Sy, Freddie Y
Palanca, Lucio Giovanni M

Agustin, Francisco T
Hipolito, Manuel David C.
Sorongon, Herman L.

Cabahug, Ernesto O
Perez, Francisco Silvetre S.
Yusi, Genlinus D

Marrero, Andres S
Abraham, Jose Benito A.
Sebastian, Emmanuel B.

Griño, Anthony Dexter G.
Nazareth, Stephen M

Lao, Jonathan Gil C.
Saulog, Rolando Guillermo O

Ferrer, Joseph Anthony A.
Gerial, Ernesto Jr. L.
Sancho, Raul N.

Buac, Pavio L.

Lacar, Nazerton E.
Fuentes, Paquito S.

Rivera, Alejandro Emmanuel Y
Bragais, Frances Monette O.

Mata, John M.
Baguilat, Michael Douglas B.

Jubilado, Jeff Peter J

De Guzman, Rudolfo I.
Espino, Victor D.
Firmalo, Francisco F
Latayan, Michael Jonathan

Zialcita, Hermenegilso B
Castro, Arturo P.

Mesias, Cecero V
Agcaoili, Sigrid M.

Bautista, Macwain M.

Lasala, Apolonio Q.
Galuba, Darwin Henry V.

Bagadiong, Adolph Stephen A.

Calendar of Activities

June 2013     

Kidney Month

August 2013

Strategic Planning in Katmandu, Nepal
Opening of the Center for Urology and Men’s Health

Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Department of Urology
Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center
Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, Manila

{phocamaps view=link|id=3|text=Click To View Map}

Telephone: 740 98 43 / 7119491 local 257 or 311 or 306

Training Program


1. Applicants should have finished at least 2 years of accredited General Surgery training

2. Pre-residency examination.

3. Submit the following to the Medical Training Office: 

addressed to
Emmanuel F. Montana Jr., M.D.
Medical Center Chief II
Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

  1. Handwritten letter of application
  2. Colored passport size pictures #2
  3. Medical Course transcript of records.
  4. Internship certificate
  5. Board Rating/R.A. 1080
  6. PRC Certificate
  7. Certificate of good moral character from two persons/officials of integrity
  8. Certificate of General Weighted Average (Class Rank).
  9. Birth Certificate
  10. Medicine Diploma

4. Application letter addressed to:

Nelson A. Patron, MD, FPUA, FPCS

Department of Urology
Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center
Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, Manila

Edgardo L. Reyes, MD, FPUA, FPCS
Training Officer

5. C.V.

Consultant Staff

Nelson A. Patron, MD, FPUA
Department Chair

Edgardo L. Reyes, MD, FPUA
Juan Godofredo R. Bardelosa III, MD, FPUA
Rufino T. Agudera, MD, FPUA
Virgilio C. Del Castillo, MD, FPUA
Frederick P. Mendiola, MD, FPUA
Darwin L. Lim, MD, FPUA
Enrique Ian S. Lorenzo, MD, FPUA


1969 Virgilio C. Del Castillo, M.D.
1972 Domingo A. Reyes, M.D.
1977 Jose B. Montejo, Jr. M.D.
1978 Domingo T. Miranda, M.D.
1979 Danilo S. Mariano, M.D.
1980 Francisco R. Flores, M.D.
1981 Cecilio G. Celino, M.D.
1982 Eusebio G. Paglinawan, M.D.
1983 Armando R. Alcantara, M.D.
1984 Leonardo M. Castillo, M.D.
1984 Jose R. Lopez, M.D.
1986 Danilo A. Tiopianco, M.D.
1987 Julius D. de la Victoria, M.D.
1987 Apolinario G. Tablan, Jr. M.D.
1987 Silverio P. Gayod, M.D.
1988 Brillo V. Vargas, M.D.
1989 Pacifico M. Garcia, Jr. M.D.
1990 Manuel P. Mondero, M.D.
1991 Rolando A. Tiopianco, M.D.
1991 Jose Magno C. Valdez, M.D.
1992 Valentino J. Jacob, M.D.
1992 Wilfredo S. Tagle, M.D.
1993 Danilo B. Vergara, M.D.
1993 Ulysses T. Quanico, M.D.
1994 Jovino R. Chumacera, M.D.
1994 Angel P. Ganir, Jr. M.D.
1995 Samuel Librado C. Arce, M.D.+
1995 Reynaldo D. Combe, M.D.
1995 Clayton F. Blas, M.D.+
1995 Voltaire V. Ventura, M.D.
1997 Brian P. Blas, M.D.
1997 Roderick M. Reyes, M.D.
1997 Roberto E. Lopez, M.D.
1997 Arniel P. Navarro, Jr. M.D.
1998 Aristotle Bernard M. Roque, M.D.
1998 Naresh I. Buxani, M.D.
1999 Rufino T. Agudera, M.D.
2000 Enrico I. Comiso, M.D.
2000 Manuel Gerard L. Sevilla, M.D.
2001 Johnson L. Sy, M.D.
2001 Ferdinand Antonio P. Tolentino, M.D.
2002 Philipp C. Narciso, M.D.
2002 Juan Godofredo R. Bardelosa, III, M.D.
2003 Arnold D. Medina, M.D.
2003 Ronaldo G. Veneracion, M.D.
2003 Renato M. Vergara, M.D.
2004 Frederick P. Mendiola, M.D.
2004 Carlos M. Valeza, M.D.
2005 Darwin L. Lim, M.D.
2005 John Robin G. Lucido, M.D.
2005 Reynald A. Aguinaldo, M.D.
2006 Ceasar SD. Ballesteros, M.D.
2006 Je Sean S. Ciocson, M.D.
2007 Rabinald G. Resurreccion, M.D.
2007 Edwin B. Vizmonte, M.D.
2008 Joseph R.Cortero, M.D.
2008 Enrique Ian S. Lorenzo, M.D.
2009 Edmundo B. Fernandez, M.D.
2009 Wilmer E. Molina, M.D.
2010 Ambrichirus T. Lacanilao, M.D.
2010 Hector T. Traya, M.D.
2011 Richilda R. Diaz, M.D.

Calendar of Activities

11 First Friday Conference

2 Dolores Medical Mission
11 Residents Bi-monthly Examination
17 Basic Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Workshop
22 Research Proposal

7-9 UroFair 2013
8 Quarterly DRE
14 Lecture on Critical Appraisal Part 1
15 Department Picture Taking
15 – 19 European Association of Urology
21 Lecture on Critical Appraisal Part 2

4 Quarterly Journal Club
10 Operation Tuli Batch 1
13 Resident’s Bimonthly Examination
17 – 21 PUA Mid-Year Convention

4 - 8 AUA Annual Convention
15 Operation Tuli Batch 2
25 - 26 Department Strategic Planning

15 Annual PaDRE
18 Hospital Tumor Boards
22 Residents Bimonthly Examination
29 Resident’s In-service Examination

18 Quarterly Journal Club

10 Quarterly DRE
24 Residents Bimonthly Examination

8 - 12 SIU
19 Quarterly Journal Club

19 Residents Bimonthly Examination
22 - 26 World Congress of Endourology

16 Quarterly DRE
21 Quarterly Journal Club

PUA Annual Convention
Department Christmas Party
Hospital Christmas Party

East Avenue Medical Center

Department of Urology
East Avenue Medical Center
East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City , 1100 Philippines

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Telephone: 9280611 loc. 465 / 9282410

Training Program

Program Description

Our Vision
To be the best Urology department in the land.

Our Mission
To deliver quality and cost-effective urologic care.

Our Values
High ethical standards, humanistic, high sense of dedication and commitment, excellence ,research oriented, cooperation and teamwork, objectivity, perseverance, honesty, punctuality,and a high level of urologic craftsmanship


Please provide 4 sets of copies for each requirement (1 original x 3 xerox copy)

  1. Certified true copy of Philippine Regulatory Commission Medical Board Rating.
  2. Photocopy of PRC license
  3. Certified true copy of transcript of records
  4. Photocopy of medical school diploma and Class Rank
  5. Completed a (2) Two Year Accredited General Surgery Program with Certification
  6. Provide results of In-Service Examination
  7. Endorsement letter from your previous Chairman/Training Officer and Urologists
  8. Good Moral Character
  9. Complete Resume with 2x2 pictures attached (4 sets)
  10. Must be physically fit

Address all letter of application to the Chairman, Dr. Jaime C. Balingit

Consultant Staff


Training Officer

Asst. Training Officer

Consultant Emeritus



1987 Jaime C. Balingit, M.D. FPUA
1988 Felizardo D. Angulo, M.D., FPUA
1989 Jose Rufo U. Campana, M.D., FPUA
1990 Vicente Sandy S. Marte, M.D., FPUA
1991 Edgardo L. Reyes, M.D., FPUA
1992 Ferdinand R. Rico, M.D.
1993 Alvin G. Cabreira, M.D., FPUA
1994 Benjamin L. Ramos, Jr., M.D., FPUA
1995 Mauricio N. Gatches, M.D., FPUA
1996 Pedro L. Lantin Iii, M.D., FPUA
1996 Hector A. Jacinto, M.D., FPUA
1997 Antonio T. Tiongson, Jr.,M.D., FPUA
1998 Marlon A. Mamuric, M.D., FPUA
1999 Enrique S. Bilar, M.D.
2000 Ma. Immaculada C. Unabia-Cuaresma, M.D., FPUA,
2000 Juvido P. Agatep, Jr, M.D., FPUA
2000 Noel Sobingsobing, M.D., FPUA
2001 Dominador M. Bueno, M.D., FPUA
2001 Ronan C Cuaresma, M.D., FPUA
2002 Christopher D. Taguba, M.D., FPUA
2002 Reynaldo F. Perez, M.D., FPUA
2003 Anthony Laurence P. Escovidal, M.D., FPUA
2003 Alberto P. Pasia, M.D., FPUA
2004 Jo Ben M. Chua, M.D., FPUA
2004 Samuel P. Yrastorza, M.D., FPUA
2005 Irene C. Descargar, M.D., FPUA
2005 Michael J. Diaz, M.D., FPUA
2006 Jericho O. Caibiran, M.D., FPUA
2006 Andrew A. Quijano, M.D.
2007 Jaime Victorino S. Sison, M.D.
2008 Francis Mark C, Gonzaga, M.D., FPUA
2008 Erwin Rommel M. Halili, M.D.
2009 Eric Joseph A. Villa, M.D.
2010 James Ronaldo Claveria, M.D., FPUA
2011 Arman Joseph T. Lim, M.D.
2012 Rogelio F. Varela, M.D.
2012 Johnas E. Galit, M.D.

AFP Medical Center

Department of Surgery
V Luna General Hospital
AFP Medical Center
V. Luna St., Quezon City

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Telephone: 426-2701 loc 6943 / 8942 / 6340

Training Officer
Omar T. Cortes, MD, DPBU, FPCS

Program Description
Established in 1952 as one of the sections under the Surgical Service. Its sole objective is to render quality urological care to active AFP service personnel and their dependents.

The formal urology training program was established in 1980 an was officially accredited by the Philippine Board of Urology 1991. 

Aside from rendered competent quality service to officers of the Philippine gevernment and their families, we train urologists for assignment and deployment to other hospitals of the AFP-wide Medical Service. We also spearhead over other subspecialties in the field of research. No less than a dozen research pioneers have been presented locally and internationally, noteworthy is the “AZ Lancet” for urethral stricture management, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to Hormone Supplementation and Stimulation Therapy (HSST), and Multiple Urethral Tubation (MUT) Catheter technique.

The “AFP Urology Family”, its mentors, students and graduates uphold and maintain the highest level of urological care to our people.


  1. Application Letter
  2. Diploma
  3. Transcript of Records
  4. PRC Board Rating
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. NBI Clearance
  7. Resume

• Applicants must be willing to enter the Military Service.
• All documents will have to be submitted at the Chief of Clinics. A written examination will be scheduled and a formal interview will be conducted by the respective training programs available in AFP Medical Center.

Standing Committees

2014 PUA Cluster List of Committees



                               Dr. Ulysses T. Quanico








Adhoc Committee on Administrative Manual

Members:Dr. Jerick N. Alvarez

                        Dr. Eli Paulino F. Madrona

                        Dr. Christopher D. Taguba

                   Dr. Danilo Vergara



Dr. Omar T. Cortes






Adhoc Committee on PUA chapters


PUA Mindanao Chapter

PUA Central and Eastern Visayas Chapter

PUA Central Luzon Chapter

PUA Northern Luzon Chapter


            Regional representatives

Bicol Region

Southern Luzon

Panay Group




Dr. Julius C. dela Victoria

Dr. Enrique C. Tenazas

Dr. Antonio Guzman

Dr. Benito V. Sunga



Dr. Rodolfo C. Ursua

Dr. Ronald Tiopianco

Dr. Glenn C. Maclang






Adhoc Committee on Constitution And By-Laws

Members: Dr. Freddie Y. Sy

                    Dr. Arturo Flores

                    Dr. Dennis P. Serrano



Dr. Benito V. Sunga






Commission on Nomination And Election

Members: Dr. Raul Winston P. Andutan

                    Dr. Nelson A. Patron

                    Dr. Dennis P. Serrano

                    Dr. Eduardo R. Gatchalian

                    Dr. Ponciano M. Bernardo, Jr.

                    Dr. Fernando F. Parreno

                    Dr. Jose Rufo U. Campaña



Dr. Juliano Z.K. Panganiban







Adhoc Committee on Clinical Practice Guidelines

Members: Dr. Dennis G. Lusaya

                        Dr. Maria Eliza M. Raymundo

                        Dr. Ana Melissa H. Cabungcal

                        Dr. Edgardo L. Reyes

                        Dr. David T. Bolong

                    Dr. Emmanuel V. Lenon

                   Dr. Alvin G. Cabreira

                   Dr. Samuel Vincent G. Yrastorza

                   Dr. Andres Marrero

                   Dr. Gregorio Cordovez

                   Dr. Nestor Pagkatipunan

                   Dr. Jaime C. Balingit

                   Dr. Dexter Anthony Grino

                        Dr. Jose Rizalito C. Catipay

                        Dr. Mauricio Gatches

                   Dr. Mark Baviera

                   Dr. Federico Acepcion

                   Dr. Eric Bilar

                   Dr. Michael Macalalag

                   Dr. Rolando Saulog

                   Dr. Rodney Del Rio

                   Dr. German Jose Albana

                   Dr. Mikee Cuaresma



Dr. Joel Patrick A. Aldana




Dr. Marie Carmela M. Lapitan







Philippine Urologic Manpower Program

Members:  Dr. Bonifacio B. Cabahug, Jr.

                     Dr. Oscar M. Escudero, Jr.

                     Dr. Nelson A. Patron

                     Dr. Rodolfo C. Ursua

                     Dr. Ariel A. Zerrudo

                    Dr. Benito V. Sunga


                      Dr. Edgardo L. Reyes

                      Dr. Alvin G. Cabreira

                      Dr. Benjamin L. Ramos

                      Dr. Mauricio N. Gatches

                      Dr. Danilo B. Vergara



Dr. Wilfredo S. Tagle



Dr. Egidio P. Elio

Dr. Ponciano M. Bernardo, Jr.





Ethics and Discipline Committee

Members: Dr. Reynaldo C. Dela Cruz

                    Dr. Jose Albert C. Reyes, III

                    Dr. Ernesto V. Arada, III

                    Dr. Telesforo E. Gana, Jr.

                    Dr. David T. Bolong



Dr. David A. Abraham






PUA Media Relations Officer


Dr. Ulysses T. Quanico







Prostate Awareness Campaign



All Training Officers per institution



Dr. Samuel Vincent G. Yrastorza

Dr. Nikko J. Magsanoc

Dr. Aristotle Bernard M. Roque



Dr. Luis N. Florencio, Jr.




                              Dr. Jaime S.D. Songco








Midyear and Annual Conventions

(Scientific Committee)



for Midyear Convention:

Dr. Juvido P. Agatep, Jr. (vice chair)

Dr. Rosito T. Bascuña, Jr.

Dr. Frances Monette P. Bragais

Dr. Hermenegildo Jose B. Zialcita


For Annual Convention:

Dr. Jun S. Dy (vice chair)

Dr. Rudolfo I. De Guzman

Dr. Enrique Ian Lorenzo

Dr. Norwin T. Uy 

Dr. Carlo C. Bisnar   

Dr. Apolonio Q. Lasala, Jr.       






Overall Chairman (Midyear):

Dr. Ernesto L. Gerial, Jr.





Overall Chairman (Annual):

Dr. Jason L. Letran






Urology Forum

Members: Dr. Cesar D. Jacinto, Jr.

                         Dr. Cesar Alfred C. Alaban

                     Dr. Ramon R. Marin

                     Dr. Francisco T. Agustin, Jr.



Dr. Reginald G. Bautista






Skills Workshop and other Courses

Members: Dr. Joel Patrick A. Aldana

                    Dr. Hermenegildo Jose B. Zialcita

                    Dr. Arturo P. Castro, Jr.



Dr. Frederick P. Mendiola



Dr. Marie Carmela M. Lapitan



KUB Ultrasound








Members: Dr. Jun S. Dy

                    Dr. Edgar U. Lim

                    Dr. Meliton D. Alpas, III

                    Dr. Mark Francis C. Gonzaga

                        Dr. Sigrid M. Agcaoili

                        Dr. Arturo P. Castro, Jr.

                        Dr. Norman V. Valera

                    Dr. Michael Eufemio L. Macalalag



Dr. John Kenneth B. Domingo


Vice Chairman:

Dr. Sigrid M. Agcaoili








Review Course

Members: Dr. Jose Benito A. Abraham

                    Dr. Rudolfo I. De Guzman

                    Dr. Francis Raymond P. Arkoncel

                    Dr. Ana Melissa H. Cabungcal

                    Dr. John Kenneth B. Domingo

                    Dr. Jun S. Dy

                    Dr. Michael John Francis V. Gaston

                    Dr. Francis Raymund C. Gonzales

                    Dr. Jovino Maria R. Chumacera

                    Dr. Francis Mark C. Gonzaga

                    Dr. Arturo P. Castro, Jr.

                    Dr. Sigrid M. Agcaoili

                    Dr. Apolonio Q. Lasala, Jr.

                    Dr. Manuel C. See, IV




Dr. Norwin T. Uy



Vice Chairman:

Dr. Rudolfo I. De Guzman





Dr. Rufino T. Agudera








Membership Committee

Members: Dr. Cesar Alfred C. Alaban

                     Dr. Rudolfo I. De Guzman

                     Dr. Glenn T. Gatchalian

                         Dr. Constantino T. Castillo, III



Dr. Michael John Francis V. Gaston


Vice Chairman:

Dr. Jovino Maria R. Chumacera






Recognition and Awards Commitee

Members: Dr. Juvido P. Agatep, Jr.

                    Dr. Christopher D. Taguba

                    Dr. Michael John Francis V. Gaston

                    Dr. Eli Paulino F. Madrona

                    Dr. John Kenneth B. Domingo

                    Dr. Ernesto J. Valdez



Dr. Ronan C. Cuaresma






Scholarship Grants

Members: Dr. John Kenneth B. Domingo

                         Dr. Enrique Ian S. Lorenzo

                    Dr. Francis Mark C. Gonzaga

                    Dr. Francis Raymund C. Gonzales



Dr. Ronan C. Cuaresma










Dennis P. Serrano, MD



Michael Siu Gak Y. Leh, MD

Managing Editor


Section Editors:


Joel Patrick A. Adana, MD

Endourology/ Laparoscopy


David T. Bolong, MD



Jose Dante P. Dator, MD

Pediatric Urology


Reynaldo C. Dela Cruz, MD

Basic Sciences




Eduardo R. Gatchalian, MD

Trauma-Reconstructive Urology


Marie Carmela M. Lapitan, MD

Female Urology


Jason L. Letran, MD

Prostatic Diseases


Jesus Benjamin L. Mendoza, MD

Andrology- Erectile Dysfunction


Abelardo M. Prodigalidad, MD

Urologic Oncology


Nelson P. Cayco, MD

Editorial Assistant


Reinalyn J. Martin

Editorial Secretary


Dr. Marie Carmela M. Lapitan









Urology Data Base Registry


Dr. Genlinus D. Yusi



Dr. Marie Carmela M. Lapitan







Alumni Association Activities

Members: All Alumni President



Dr. Francisco T. Agustin, Jr.






Publications, Library and Uroscope

Members: Dr. Frances Monette P. Bragais

                    Dr. Sigrid M. Agcaoili

                    Dr. Rodney M. Del Rio

                    Dr. John Kenneth B. Domingo

                    Dr. Cesar F. Fidel

                    Dr. Jose Ramon R. Marin

                    Dr. Mark Francis C. Gonzaga

                    Dr. Rosito T. Bascuna, Jr.

                    Dr. Edwin B. Vizmonte

                    Dr. Karl Marvin M. Tan

                    Dr. Roderick P. Arcinas



Dr. Samuel Vincent Yrastorza


Vice Chair:

Dr. Genlinus D. Yusi









Dr. Constantino T. Castillo, III


CLUSTER D:       SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY & FINANCE:                                  

                             Dr. Jose Vicente T. Prodigalidad and Dr. Pedro L. Lantin, III









Members: Dr. Michael John Francis V. Gaston

                    Dr. Freddie Y. Sy

                    Dr. Hermenegildo Jose B. Zialcita


Dr. Rico D. Madlangbayan







Members: Dr. Juvido P. Agatep, Jr.

                         Dr. Rodney M. Del Rio


Dr. Eli Paul F. Madrona








Finance Committee

Members: Dr. Elvin O. Lim

                         Dr. John Kenneth B. Domingo

                     Dr. Jo Ben M. Chua

                    Dr. Julius C. Cajucom



Dr. Johnson L. Sy



Dr. Michael Y. Leh

Dr. Antonio L. Anastacio

Dr. Jaime C. Balingit








Outreach Programs



Coordinator from:

Mindanao – Dr. Harry G. Longno

Visayas – Dr. Ernesto Cabahug

Luzon – Dr. Danilo B. Vergara



Dr. Aristotle Bernard M. Roque


Vice Chairman:

Dr. Samuel Vincent G. Yrastorza




Dr. Luis N. Florencio, Jr.




                              Dr. Gavino N. Mercado, Jr.








Sports Committee

Members: Dr. Frederick Mendiola

                    Dr. Randolph Joseph A. Barba

                    Dr. Bennie Dick C. Catangay

                    Dr. Michael Jonathan Latayan

                    Dr. Rafael L. Lising

                    Dr. Macwain M. Bautista

                    Dr. Michael F. Castañeda

                    Dr. Jeff Peter Jubilado



Dr. Anthony Dexter G. Grino








Socials Committee

Members: Dr. Juvido P. Agatep, Jr.

                    Dr. Jo Ben M. Chua

                    Dr. Irene C. Descargar

                    Dr. Randy Pahutan

                    Dr. Diosdado C. Limjoco

                        Dr. Paul B. Espina

                        Dr. Hermenegildo Jose B. Zialcita

                   Dr. Christopher D. Taguba

                   Dr. Mikee U. Cuaresma

                   Dr. Karl Marvin M. Tan



Dr. Stephen M. Nazareth










Physical Arrangement

Members: Dr. Paul B. Espina

                    Dr. Kathleen Q. Gonzales

                    Dr. Karl Marvin Tan



Dr. Prudencio J.L. Pahutan






USPGA Coordinator



Dr. Carlos Ramon N. Torres, Jr.




SILIP Coordinator

Dr. Arnold Medina



GUN CLUB Coordinator

Dr. Nelson A. Patron


CLUSTER F:        INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND COLLABORATION:                                                 

                              Dr. Carlos Ramon N. Torres, Jr.








Bidding for international Convention/ ASU Faculty Involvement/International Collaboration


Dr. Joel Patrick A. Aldana






Philippine Board of Urology, Inc.


Dr. Ariel A. Zerrudo






PUA Foundation, Inc.


Dr. Ponciano M. Bernardo, Jr.






Philippine Society of Uro-Oncologists, Inc.


Dr. Jaime SD. Songco






Philippine Endourological Society


Dr. Joel Patrick A. Aldana



Executive Council

(January 1 - December 31, 2014)

President:  Ulysses T. Quanico, MD

Vice President: Jaime SD. Songco, MD

Secretary: Rufino T. Agudera, MD

Treasurer: Jose Vicente T. Prodigalidad, MD

Auditor: Pedro L. Lantin, III, MD

Council Members: Carlos Ramon N. Torres, Jr., MD and Gavino N. Mercado, Jr.,MD


(January 1 - December 31, 2013)

Chairman : Ariel A. Zerrudo, MD

Vice Chairman : Dennis P. Serrano, MD

Secretary : Telesforo E. Gana, Jr., MD

Treasurer : Marcelino L. Morales, Jr., MD

Auditor : Dennis G. Lusaya, MD

Members:  Alfredo S. Uy, Jr., MD
              Raul Winston P. Andutan, MD



President : Bonifacio B. Cabahug, Jr., MD

Vice President : Enrique C. Tenazas, MD Secretary : Edwin H. Lim, MD

Treasurer : Jose Rizalito C. Catipay, Jr., MD

Auditor : Ernesto O. Cabahug, MD

PRO : Emmanuel L. Barcenas, MD


(January 1 - December 31, 2014)

President : Jaime SD. Songco, MD**

Vice president : Jason L. Letran, MD**

Secretary : Dennis P. Serrano, MD

Treasurer : Nelson A. Patron,MD**

Auditor :  Antonio L. Anastacio, MD**

BOARD OF TRUSTEES:                                                                                          

  1. Jose Vicente T. Prodigalidad, M.D.
  2. Jerry H. Santos, M.D. **
  3. Jose Benito A. Abraham, M.D.
  4. Pedro L. Lantin, III, M.D.
  5. Dennis G. Lusaya, M.D.
  6. Jesus Benjamin L. Mendoza, M.D.
  7. Jose Rufo U. Campaña, M.D.
  8. Paul Anthony L. Sunga, M.D.


  1. Reynaldo C. Dela Cruz, M.D.
  2. Jose Albert C. Reyes, III, M.D.
  3. Eduardo R. Gatchalian, M.D.
  4. David A. Abraham, M.D.
  5. Achilles G. Bartolome, M.D.
  6. Ponciano M. Bernardo, Jr., M.D.
  7. Abelardo M. Prodigalidad, M.D.
  8. Fernando P. Parreño, M.D.

** Other incorporators


President : Joel Patrick A. Aldana, MD

Vice president : Jose Vicente T. Prodigalidad, MD

Secretary : Nikko J. Magsanoc, MD

Treasurer : Ernesto L. Gerial, MD


President : Gregorio M. Cordovez, Jr., MD

Vice President : Manuel Gerard L. Sevilla, MD

Secretary :  Rommel B. Vallejos, MD

Treasurer : Pavio L. Buac, MD

Asst Treasurer : Dionisio T. Gaw, MD

PRO : Victor D. Espino, MD

Rep. of Northern Mindanao : Emmanuel B. Sebastian, MD

Rep. of Southern Mindanao : Anthony Laurence P. Escovidal, MD


President:       Dr. Bonifacio B. Cabahug, Jr.

Vice President: Dr. Enrique C. Tenazas

Secretary:       Dr. Edwin H. Lim

Treasurer:       Dr. Jose Rizalito C. Catipay

Auditor:          Dr. Ernesto O. Cabahug

PRO:              Dr. Emmanuel L. Barcenas


 President     : Dr. Roland Tiopianco

Vice President: Dr. Danilo Vergara

Secretary     :  Dr. Jaimar R. Sapungan

Treasurer     :  Dr. Jovino Chumacera

Auditor        :  Dr. Ernesto Valdez


President:         Dr. Antonio J. Guzman

Vice PResident:  Dr. Victor S. Malonzo

Secretary:         Dr. Anthony Dexter G. Grino

Treasurer:         Dr. Brillo V. Vargas

Auditor:            Dr. Nathaniel M. Soliman


President :      Benito Sunga MD

Vice-President:Generoso Torres MD

Secretary:      Ener Baysa-Pee MD

Treasurer:      Manuel David Hipolito MD

PRO:             Jonathan G. Noble MD

Active surveillance can reduce suffering among men with prostate cancer

With active surveillance many men with prostate cancer could dispense with radiation treatment and surgery, and thus avoid adverse effects such as incontinence and impotence. This is the outcome of a...

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The relapse-free survival at 10 years was 83% and 54% for stage IIA and IIB patients, respectively....

Non-Invasive Stereotactic Radiosurgery Shows Promise For Kidney Cancer

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Feedback loop maintains basal cell population

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