Morning Break: Opening Day for ACA Enrollment; Climate Change and Health; More Preemies

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How are we doing with climate change? New report says it is killing people, hurting their health, and worsening air pollution (NBC News). And CO2 levels in the atmosphere appear to be accelerating. (BBC)

In an unprecedented action, the FDA handed off responsibility for inspecting foreign drug manufacturing facilities to local authorities in eight countries.

It's opening day for enrollment in the Obamacare health exchanges (NPR) -- with a shorter enrollment period and less advertising in most areas -- but 12 states with their own exchanges are free to chart their own course, including extended enrollment and increased advertising. (Denver Post)

Two national advocacy groups filed a legal challenge to Trump's rollback of birth control rule, allowing employers to opt out. (AP)

The U.S. preterm birth rate is up for a second year. (STAT)

"A reasonable accommodation." That's how a physician described the plan to allow death row inmate Alva Campbell to sit up during his execution. Usually it's done with the condemned lying down, but Campbell, who has severe COPD, became agitated during a test run. (ABC News)

Using a personal ad, "Are You a Rapist?" was one way researchers learned about rapists. (The New York Times)

Maybe for women with HSDD, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, it literally is in their heads, according to a small functional MRI study. (Modern Medicine)

A cancer charity in the U.K. is waging a battle against a different kind of "fake news." It's hired a nurse charged with combating cancer myths that patients pick up when they go online for information. (BBC)

Also in England, a Liverpool politician says the annual Christmas visit of the Coca-Cola truck really isn't a good idea when one in three 11-year-olds is obese. (CNBC)

UCLA wants to improve rapid stroke treatment. They are trialing an ambulance equipped with an 8-slice CT scanner made just for imaging the head. (MedGadget)

From Kevin MD: It starts as a resident's dream to be part of a big emergency procedure; opportunity comes; but, in the end, reality sets in.

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