Which do you think is better for preoperative male genital hair removal?

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A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (online ahead of print) tested which is the better way to perform preoperative genital hair removal on men: clippers or razors.

The investigators noted that many hospitals, in an attempt to decrease the risk of postoperative surgical site infections (SSIs), have adopted a strict practice of preoperative hair removal using clippers rather than razors.

The researchers randomly assigned men undergoing surgery to have their genital hair removed by clippers or razors. Their findings suggest that hair removal on the scrotal skin using a razor results in less skin trauma and improved overall shave quality with no apparent increased risk of SSIs.

The investigators concluded that surgeons should be permitted their choice of using razors or clippers for male genital hair removal. Renal & Urology News would like to know where urologists stand on this, so please answer the following poll question:

Leave a comment below to explain your choice.

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