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images/urologynews.jpg Urology News is a collection of articles from different sources and are cited accordingly. These articles are not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect those of the Philippine Urological Association nor its members.

Bladder Ca Markers Tied to More Fatal Outcomes (CME/CE)

(MedPage Today) -- Alterations in a nine-biomarker panel plus smoking intensity predicted survival in patients with bladder cancer, a tissue-based study showed....

No Benefit To Kidney Transplant Recipients Found In Large, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial Of Angiotensin II Blockade

email icon A drug that protects the kidneys of patients with chronic kidney disease does not seem to provide the same benefit to kidney transplant recipients, according to a study appearing in an upcoming...

Few Cases of Minor Hematuria Need Workup (CME/CE)

(MedPage Today) -- Older age and a recent history of gross hematuria were the strongest predictors of urinary tract malignancy in patients with asymptomatic microscopic hematuria, a prospective...

The Most Effective Treatment For Common Kidney Disorder Revealed By UK-Wide Clinical Trial

email icon The results of a pioneering UK-wide clinical trial that compared treatments for patients with a common type of kidney disease has found one to be significantly more effective. The results of the...

Microscopic Hematuria Found To Be An Unreliable Indicator Of Renal Or Bladder Cancer

email icon The presence of microscopic hematuria - blood found in urine that can't be seen by the naked eye - does not necessarily indicate the presence of cancer, according to a Kaiser Permanente Southern...

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