The Philippine Urological Association was founded in 1957 through the initiative of Dr. Domingo Antonio, Jr. and Dr. Luis F. Torres, Jr. All practicing urologists and those in training were invited to join the Philippine Urological Association. The Constitution and By-Laws of the Association was drafted and approved on September 30, 1957

The Association’s first scientific meeting was held on January 30, 1958, with nine urologist-attendees. Docotor Torres discussed a paper on Nephrolithiasis. Subsequent bimonthly meetings were held regularly with Filipino urologists as well as visiting luminaries in the fields of surgery, medicine and urology as participants. The scientific meetings eventually became an annual event. Later on the mid-year meetings followed suit.

In 1972, the Philippine Board of Urology was founded and the first qualifying examination was given by the Board in 1977.

The PUA in the last decade has hosted several international meetings: The Asia-Pacific Society for the Study of Impotence Research, the Federation of Asean Urological Association meetings, the Asia-Pacific Association of Pediatric Urology Meetings, the APSSIR, the Asia-Pacific Society of Urologic Oncologists Meeting and the East Asian Society of Endourology meeting.

The PUA Northern Mindanao Chapter was formed in 2002 which was soon followed by the Central and Eastern Visayas Chapter.

The PUA's outreach programs involves the remotest, poorest provinces in the country, which are in direst need of specialists. The national DRE campaign every Father’s Day weekend gather participants by the thousands and the PUA's continue to strive to make its health programs create an impact on a national scale.

The ten training institutions supported by the PUA produce almost 20 new graduates every year with the hope of being able to care for the entire country's urologic needs in the next decades.

The PUA programs have diversified to include taking care of the intricacies of modern medical practice by having representations with all the major health maintenance organizations in the country and being in constant negotiations with Philhealth regarding the preservation and upgrade of the RUVs (relative unit values) of urologic procedures. The PUA has also formalized linkages with the other medical societies that impact on urologic practice – the Philippine College of Surgeons, Philippine Obstetrics and Gynecologic Society, Philippine Society of Nephrology, Philippine Pediatric Society, Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists and the Philippine Society for Transplant Surgeons.

As diverse as the interests of the PUA members might be, the Association is trying its best to provide opportunities to cultivate and enrich these interests. The PUA continues to push the advancement of urologic practice in the Philippines to come to par with the rest of the world.



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