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Department of Urology
Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center
Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, Manila

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Telephone: 740 98 43 / 7119491 local 257 or 311 or 306

{tab Training Program
Requirements - Straight GS-Uro Program

THE JRRMMC UROLOGY TRAINING PROGRAM is one of the largest, most successful, and highly respected programs in the country. For more than 60 years, it has produced capable and competent urologists that have robust practice throughout the country. Accredited by the Philippine Board of Urology Inc, it offers a holistic training that exposes residents to various fields in urology such as stone disease, Benign and Malignant diseases of the urinary tract, Endourology, Minimally Invasive Surgery and Pediatric Urology. The department also prioritize up-to-date trends in medical advancements to expand its services and expertise to serve the community through training in laparoscopy and endourology. The program offered by the department is a 6 year residency training program consisting of 2 years General Surgery and 4 years Urology training.


Requirements for application to the JRRMMC Urology Residency Training Program are the following:

  1. Hand written letter of Application addressed to:

Emmanuel F. Montaña JR., M.D.

Medical Center Chief II

Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center



Two (2) passport size pictures (colored on a white background)

Photocopy of the following:

Medical School Transcript of record

Class ranking and general weighted average from College Secretary/Dean

Certificate of Internship Training

PRC Board Rating

PRC Certificate/Diploma

Service record of previous employment if any (Xerox copy)

Updated certification of good moral character from two (2) persons/official of integrity.

Birth certificate from National Statistics Office


  1. Completely filled up Personal Data Sheet from the JRRMMC Medical Training Office 5th floor, Main Building.



  • August 3, 2015- September 14, 2015-  Open  for application
  • September 30,2015-  Written examination
  • October 1-31,2015-  Pre Residency

November 6, 2015- interview

4. C.V.

{tab Consultant Staff}

Nelson A. Patron, MD, FPUA
Department Chair

Edgardo L. Reyes, MD, FPUA
Juan Godofredo R. Bardelosa III, MD, FPUA
Rufino T. Agudera, MD, FPUA
Virgilio C. Del Castillo, MD, FPUA
Frederick P. Mendiola, MD, FPUA
Darwin L. Lim, MD, FPUA
Enrique Ian S. Lorenzo, MD, FPUA
Aristotle Bernard M. Roque, MD, FPCS, FPUA
Ulysses T. Quanico, MD, FPCS,FPUA
Cesar Ballesteros, MD, FPUA

{tab Alumni

1969 Virgilio C. Del Castillo, M.D. 
1972 Domingo A. Reyes, M.D. 
1977 Jose B. Montejo, Jr. M.D. 
1978 Domingo T. Miranda, M.D. 
1979 Danilo S. Mariano, M.D. 
1980 Francisco R. Flores, M.D. 
1981 Cecilio G. Celino, M.D. 
1982 Eusebio G. Paglinawan, M.D. 
1983 Armando R. Alcantara, M.D. 
1984 Leonardo M. Castillo, M.D. 
1984 Jose R. Lopez, M.D. 
1986 Danilo A. Tiopianco, M.D. 
1987 Julius D. de la Victoria, M.D. 
1987 Apolinario G. Tablan, Jr. M.D. 
1987 Silverio P. Gayod, M.D. 
1988 Brillo V. Vargas, M.D. 
1989 Pacifico M. Garcia, Jr. M.D. 
1990 Manuel P. Mondero, M.D. 
1991 Rolando A. Tiopianco, M.D. 
1991 Jose Magno C. Valdez, M.D. 
1992 Valentino J. Jacob, M.D. 
1992 Wilfredo S. Tagle, M.D. 
1993 Danilo B. Vergara, M.D. 
1993 Ulysses T. Quanico, M.D. 
1994 Jovino R. Chumacera, M.D. 
1994 Angel P. Ganir, Jr. M.D. 
1995 Samuel Librado C. Arce, M.D.+ 
1995 Reynaldo D. Combe, M.D. 
1995 Clayton F. Blas, M.D.+ 
1995 Voltaire V. Ventura, M.D. 
1997 Brian P. Blas, M.D. 
1997 Roderick M. Reyes, M.D. 
1997 Roberto E. Lopez, M.D. 
1997 Arniel P. Navarro, Jr. M.D. 
1998 Aristotle Bernard M. Roque, M.D. 
1998 Naresh I. Buxani, M.D. 
1999 Rufino T. Agudera, M.D. 
2000 Enrico I. Comiso, M.D. 
2000 Manuel Gerard L. Sevilla, M.D. 
2001 Johnson L. Sy, M.D. 
2001 Ferdinand Antonio P. Tolentino, M.D. 
2002 Philipp C. Narciso, M.D. 
2002 Juan Godofredo R. Bardelosa, III, M.D. 
2003 Arnold D. Medina, M.D. 
2003 Ronaldo G. Veneracion, M.D. 
2003 Renato M. Vergara, M.D. 
2004 Frederick P. Mendiola, M.D. 
2004 Carlos M. Valeza, M.D. 
2005 Darwin L. Lim, M.D. 
2005 John Robin G. Lucido, M.D. 
2005 Reynald A. Aguinaldo, M.D. 
2006 Ceasar SD. Ballesteros, M.D. 
2006 Je Sean S. Ciocson, M.D. 
2007 Rabinald G. Resurreccion, M.D. 
2007 Edwin B. Vizmonte, M.D. 
2008 Joseph R.Cortero, M.D. 
2008 Enrique Ian S. Lorenzo, M.D. 
2009 Edmundo B. Fernandez, M.D. 
2009 Wilmer E. Molina, M.D. 
2010 Ambrichirus T. Lacanilao, M.D. 
2010 Hector T. Traya, M.D. 
2011 Richilda R. Diaz, M.D.

{tab Calendar of Activities

11 First Friday Conference

2 Dolores Medical Mission
11 Residents Bi-monthly Examination
17 Basic Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Workshop
22 Research Proposal

7-9 UroFair 2013
8 Quarterly DRE
14 Lecture on Critical Appraisal Part 1
15 Department Picture Taking
15 – 19 European Association of Urology
21 Lecture on Critical Appraisal Part 2

4 Quarterly Journal Club
10 Operation Tuli Batch 1
13 Resident’s Bimonthly Examination
17 – 21 PUA Mid-Year Convention

4 - 8 AUA Annual Convention
15 Operation Tuli Batch 2
25 - 26 Department Strategic Planning

15 Annual PaDRE
18 Hospital Tumor Boards
22 Residents Bimonthly Examination
29 Resident’s In-service Examination

18 Quarterly Journal Club

10 Quarterly DRE
24 Residents Bimonthly Examination

8 - 12 SIU
19 Quarterly Journal Club

19 Residents Bimonthly Examination
22 - 26 World Congress of Endourology

16 Quarterly DRE
21 Quarterly Journal Club

PUA Annual Convention
Department Christmas Party
Hospital Christmas Party

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